In their first County final against Kenmare (known as The O’Connell’s then) in 1889, the Kilmoyley players wore saffron jerseys, long pants and multi-coloured woollen caps knitted by wives, girlfriends and other female supporters. Kilmoyley lost that final in Fossa by 1-0 to 0-3 (a goal was worth more than any number of points at that time). Also during that game a Kilmoyley man’s leg was broken and two other players got severe injuries.

Kilmoyley team that day :-

Jack W. Quane, James Kelly, Willie O’Connell, Peter Stack, Michael McCarthy, Patsy O’Rourke, Phil Ml McCarthy, Mick McQuinn, Michael Riordan, Pat Sheehy, Tadgh Donall McCarthy, Daniel Driscoll, Charles Nolan, Pat Nolan, Tom Nolan, Pat Quane, Michael Pat Sheehy, Maurice Fitzgerald, Jack McCarthy, Thade Eugene McCarthy.

The Kilmoyley girls wore the same type multi-coloured caps as the hurlers when attending games to differentiate themselves from other clubs’ female supporters.
In 1890 Kilmoyley was to win its first County title. In the quarter-final Kilmoyley beat Abbeydorney by 0-6 to 0-2. In the semi-final they met Kenmare, and in a bruising battle, Kenmare refused to line out for the replay. Shouts of Remember the broken leg and “Give ’em the timber, ye devils” greeted the teams on arrival. On 15 June Kilmoyley met an understrength Ballyduff team in the final (two or three of their players were mackerel fishing), and were to beat them by 2-2 to no score. But Ballyduff objected to Kilmoyley victory as they had players from Lerrig on the team!

Kilmoyley team that day :-

Jack W. Quane, Michael Pat Sheehy, Pat Nolan, Tom Nolan, Maurice Fitzgerald, Jack Regan, Michael Riordan, Tadgh Donall McCarthy, Mick McQuinn, Thade Eugene McCarthy, Phil Ml McCarthy, Patsy O’Rourke, Michael McCarthy, Jack McCarthy, James Kelly, Willie O’Connell, James Kelly, Daniel Driscoll, Charles Nolan, Pat Quane, D Riordan, D McQuinn, JJ Kelly. John Egan, P. Buckley and Jack Maunsell were alsomembers of the Kilmoyley panel that took part in the All-Ireland series later in the year